Meet Maxim, this is my girlfriend Lenochka, we decided to have some fun with her, but first we waited for you ... And dad, what about dad? I sent that old dick to hell, I don't need this jerk anymore.
And then the phone beeped, the heart quickly walked into the heels and returned back. I looked at the screen, she answered. She wrote that everything was fine, that she was in her soul and that she had been thinking about me and us all day and that this meeting had become something very warm for her. I kept up the conversation, we talked for about 20 minutes and she asked when we can see each other again? I wrote that at least tomorrow I received something like this: How much provocative shameless underwear was there and how your head was spinning and your penis was pouring blood under tight jeans, in anticipation of a wet hole, very close to shuddering and opening from every movement.
- I don't want to.
Now the conversations between us became easy and relaxed, most of the barriers fell and we enjoyed each other's presence, well, I just got high every second. Before leaving, she stroked my leg and offered to give me her number.
In the evening, when it was already completely dark, drunk and happy, they went into the apartment. They took off their shoes, began to kiss, went into the bedroom, turned on the light on the way and began to caress each other on the bed. From the open door of the balcony there was a pleasant coolness. He lay from the bottom, pulled up her skirt and stroked her ass. They kissed passionately, enjoying the intimacy with each other. He got his finger under her panties and began to caress the entrance to her ass, it turned her insanely. She took off her T-shirt, with his other hand he began to knead her breasts through her bra, then crawled under it. When he squeezed her nipples, she moaned, the finger of the second hand gradually penetrated deeper into her ass, already fucking her.
Then something a little strange happened. Ira, almost rising on tiptoe, kissed me relish, almost passionately, with her big lips - on the lips. It even seemed to me that she also used the language. I got a little confused.
The situation was piquant. Taking the cream out of Lorka's purse, I returned to Alexei, and he fucked me in the ass.